Welcome to the Bible in Tiddlywiki


The BibleTW is a web app. It works with most modern Web Browsers, such as – Google Chrome, Firefox, and Apple Safari.

The BibleTW uses the World English Bible, that has been put into the Tiddlywiki web app – a non-linear notebook app for capturing, organising and sharing complex information.

The World English Bible is a non-copyrighted Bible, and Tiddlywiki is a open source single file Wiki.
This means that the the BibleTW is a free Bible that will work on most modern devices. i.e Smartphones, tablets, and Computers.

Top Features of the BibleTW

  • the Bible and your journal in a single file
  • Small in size – 7mb total file size for the Bible and app
  • It has a built in Journal
  • The ability to link to any card (tiddler) in the BibleTW, or link to any wepbpage/site on the internet
  • works with any smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac
    smartphones and tablets require a companion app to be able to save theBibleTW
  • Versatile – add features and resources that you want. ie commentarys, bible dictionary, or bible atlas
  • You can embed video links and have audio links
    (Please do not try to import Audio or Video files into theBibleTW as it can damage the BibleTW app)


(Click on Save Changes button to save to your device)

FYI: the BibleTW requires no Internet access, unless you add/access a external internet website link.



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